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You’re just entering into e-commerce, and need a new platform for your online store.

You’re already familiar with e-commerce and want to upgrade to a more effective website.

You’re looking to migrate to Shopify and leverage their ecosystem.

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Shopify Services

Shopify Store Setup

Build your online store quickly by leveraging our Shopify theme libraries. We can help you get up & running with a Shopify website pretty quickly.

Development using Shopify Plus

Our Shopify developers know what it takes to build a high volume/transaction eCommerce website. We can build platforms that can handle over 10K+ transactions per minute.

Themes & Customization

Our expert Shopify designers can help your store stand out and ensure that it looks visually amazing on both web and mobile.

Integration with Third Parties

Bring versatility into your e-commerce software by integrating third-party platforms with Shopify to achieve a seamless experience.

Custom Development

Our development services cater to all of your e-commerce development needs, enabling us to build custom Shopify websites as well as adding functionality to the areas that you require.

Migrating to a Shopify Store

Our expert Shopify developers are here to cater to all your transitioning needs. Doesn't matter if you're migrating from a physical store or an online platform.

Maintenance and Support

Our Shopify support and maintenance services ensure your online store runs efficiently and smoothly to achieve zero business loss.

Our Process

Identifying your brand identity by defining your market position, competitive offering, and value proposition.

Our experts analyzing your websites current performance and propose strategies to achieve goals and targets.

Setting realistic short and long term goals, establishing clear deliverables according to your expectations.

Identifying opportunities, successful e-commerce practices, and strategic solutions for your business.

Designing a technical ecosystem by leveraging emerging technologies

Improving your KPI’s, consumer traffic such as loyalty, CR, email subscribers and etc.

Designing an information architecture, engaging your customers, and effectively communicating your brand’s story through visually appealing illustrations.

Building an eCommerce platform with the right experts to set up an ecosystem for your Shopify store.

Theme development is where our experts shine. You visualize it, we make it come true!

We provide you with out of the box custom solutions that cater to your needs.

Our expert Shopify developers make sure your transition from legacy platforms seamlessly, by integrating and syncing all platforms together.

Throughout any stage of the project, we are here to solve all your problems. Consult with us and we will gladly address your concerns.

With our technical support team ready to address any technical issues, we make sure that you won't have to face many challenges along the way.

We offer multiple packages to help you maintain your eCommerce store design, development, and integration even after the completion of the project

Why Work With Baron Tech (Pvt) Limited?

Get access to the top talent of experienced product managers, smartest designers, and engineers.

Top Shopify Developers

Our highly experienced development team who have been working with Shopify since its origin, thrive in providing top quality services to our clients.

Mobile-First Approach

Mobile devices play a major role in the outburst of e-commerce sales, we make sure to deliver the best Shopify experience which is appealing to consumers.

Short Time to Market

Our Shopify development team understands how important time is to you, to ensure you meet all your launch deadlines, we always go the extra mile.

Shopify Design Expertise

Our Shopify UI/UX engineers who specialize in e-commerce efficiency, help us develop Shopify products that are easy for the consumer to use.

Technically Diverse Teams

Our diverse technologies help us in developing Shopify stores that are fully integrated and work efficiently with all platforms.

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